The Gambia is located in West Africa on the Atlantic coast. The Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa. Housing and living is really affordable, at least compared to the price range in Finland. Gambians speak many local languages ​​with each other such as Mandinka and Wolof, but they get along very well in English. There is also a lot to see and experience in The Gambia, so there is plenty to do – there is plenty of time.

Living in The Gambia is affordable, but finding an apartment, especially for a longer period of time, is easier on the spot. That’s why it’s good to spend a month or two in a Guest House. When you come to The Gambia, you don’t need a Visa or anything like that, the first month you can get by with the stamp you get at the airport. After that, we go to get a new stamp from the police department. You can apply for a residence permit after staying in the country for three months. The Gambia also has a lot to see and experience in terms of nature and culture.

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